Powerful yet simple Fleet Management

InfoTrackPro Fleet is a web-based enterprise fleet management system that is easy to use. The System handles all facets related to the tracking and management of your fleet. Additionally, the System allows for multiple consecutive users with individual login and access rights to maintain control and reliability of all data.

"Everything at your fingertips..."

Fleet Inventory Tracking

Organize your fleet assets & track all of the data that you need to effectively manage your fleet. Track an unlimited number of assets ranging from marked & unmarked cars, motorcycles, boats, machinery, tools, & more. Track the complete lifecycle of a fleet asset.

Barcode Scanning

Use barcode scanners to scan vehicles for equipment listing, assign parts to vehicles, or lookup part information. These scanners use Wi-Fi to provide real-time communications to the database. Multiple Barcoding devices can be utilized from a smart phone to a high-end barcode scanner.

Provide control and accountability of fleet assets

InfoTrackPro Fleet Key Functions:

  • Efficient smart search of your fleet and parts data
  • Quickly and accurately issue parts to vehicles
  • Perform physical inventory
  • Track maintenance, repair, and mileage
  • Instant knowledge of item availability and location
  • Track any item
  • Barcode or manual type input
  • Role-Driven security
  • Open hardware architecture (not brand specific) for barcode scanners, labeler, printer, and computer
  • Update and view from any location
  • Web-enabled
  • Multi concurrent user enabled

Additional Features

Vehicle Management

Easily manage all fleet information with one easy-to-use interface.  Track vehicle specifications, assign parts to vehicles, record maintenance events, log vehicle mileage, and define vehicle build-out kits.


Track all maintenance performed on your fleet.  Log all repair records, and manage repair invoices. Accurate maintenance history shows mileage, repair event, and cost of repairs/maintenance.


InfoTrackPro Fleet is able to quickly and accurately check-out or check-in vehicle parts with ease. Users can quickly issue parts to vehicles and see what parts each vehicle contains.  Each part/asset can be assigned to an vehicle, officer or division, or returned back into inventory. During the Receipt process, the user has the option to immediately print barcode labels for the newly received items.


InfoTrackPro Fleet reporting is used to facilitate immediate and accurate financial and vehicle tracking, as well as metric-based statistics. In addition to printing reports, the user may also export to multiple formats such as Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Abundant Reporting options will help maintian accurate vehicle records and up-to-date inventories.