Powerful yet simple Inventory Management

InfoTrackPro Quartermaster is a web-based enterprise inventory control system that is very easy to use. The System handles all facets related to the tracking and management of materials. This includes tasks, such as the monitoring of materials being moved into and out of stockroom locations, and the reconciling of the inventory balances. InfoTrackPro makes it possible to integrate the various functional subsystems that are part of the inventory management process into a single cohesive system.

Asset Management

InfoTrackPro Quartermaster provides simplistic real-time asset management. Track all your office and police assets with a single application. Search your inventory from any field in the inventory. Alerts and notifications can be established to enable automated notifications that are relevant to your business operations.

Barcode Scanning

Barcode functions include the inventory of materials, movement of items, as well as receipt/issue of items. InfoTrackPro utilizes Wi-Fi to provide real-time inventory information. Multiple Barcoding devices can be utilized from a smart phone to a high-end barcode scanner.

Provide control and accountability over inventories

InfoTrackPro Quartermaster Key Functions:

  • Efficient smart search of your data
  • Quickly and accurately issue items to personnel or locations
  • Perform physical inventory
  • Instant knowledge of item availability and location
  • Track any item
  • Barcode or manual type input
  • Role-Driven security
  • Open hardware architecture (not brand specific) for barcode scanners, labeler, printer, and computer
  • Update and view from any location
  • Web-enabled
  • Multi concurrent user enabled

Additional Features


InfoTrackPro Quartermaster is able to quickly and accurately check-out or check-in equipment with ease. Users can quickly issue items to officers and see what items they already possess.  An asset can be assigned to an officer or division, or returned back into inventory. During the Receipt process, the user has the option to immediately print barcode labels for the newly received items.

Flexible and Powerful Reporting

InfoTrackPro Quartermaster reporting is used to facilitate immediate and accurate financial and item tracking, as well as metric-based statistics. In addition to printing reports, the user may also export to multiple formats such as Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Abundant Reporting options will help maintian accurate and up-to-date inventories.

Item Tracking and Movement

Item Movement allows the user to move multiple items with one simple operation. Track items by assigned officer/civilian, location, and other attributes. Quartermaster can easily discoverer where an item has been, who has what, or find a missing item. All transactions are audited on the database back-end for enhanced security and accountability.


Query/Search allows the user to search the database for records that meet search criteria. InfoTrackPro Quartermaster allows users to search on all fields of the database, as well as performing wild card searches of words. The complete Inventory can be searched and the results can easily be printed or exported in seconds as well as staff records and vendor data.